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Noah for Schön Magazine

Noah was featured in Schön Magazine a few weeks ago. You can read the interview on their page and see the photoshoot images in the gallery.

In the world of acting, Noah Jupe stands as a beacon of versatility and dedication. His journey is marked by a seamless blend of passion and performance — from his humble beginnings as a curious youngster to his current role in the captivating historical drama Franklin, Jupe’s trajectory illuminates the profound influence of storytelling across epochs.

With each character he embodies, Jupe navigates the delicate balance between history and fiction, infusing his portrayals with an authenticity that resonates deeply with audiences. In Franklin, he portrays William Temple Franklin opposite Michael Douglas’s Benjamin Franklin. It’s no small feat for just being 19-years-old, but Jupe plays his character with a deft and dynamic touch. In conversation with Schön!, Jupe discusses his acting evolution, his work on Franklin, and more.