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Noah for Schön Magazine

Noah was featured in Schön Magazine a few weeks ago. You can read the interview on their page and see the photoshoot images in the gallery.

In the world of acting, Noah Jupe stands as a beacon of versatility and dedication. His journey is marked by a seamless blend of passion and performance — from his humble beginnings as a curious youngster to his current role in the captivating historical drama Franklin, Jupe’s trajectory illuminates the profound influence of storytelling across epochs.

With each character he embodies, Jupe navigates the delicate balance between history and fiction, infusing his portrayals with an authenticity that resonates deeply with audiences. In Franklin, he portrays William Temple Franklin opposite Michael Douglas’s Benjamin Franklin. It’s no small feat for just being 19-years-old, but Jupe plays his character with a deft and dynamic touch. In conversation with Schön!, Jupe discusses his acting evolution, his work on Franklin, and more.

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Noah for Cultured Magazine

There’s a new interview out with Noah in Cultured Magazine and you can read that at the link. It also features a new photoshoot which has been added to the gallery.

Working alongside Hollywood icons (Natalie Portman, Michael Douglas, and Christian Bale, to name a few) is no new ground for 19-year-old British actor Noah Jupe. With a career that sprouted at the age of 13 with appearances on Downton Abbey and George Clooney’s directorial debut Suburbicon, he has grown up on screen. (John Krasinski reportedly cast him to play his son in the horror smash hit A Quiet Place on Clooney’s recommendation.)

As he makes the transition from child actor to adult actor, Jupe has found himself grappling with the fear that many who start early share: of being “frozen in time” at the moment they first became famous. With his latest projects, Apple TV’s Franklin and Lady in the Lake, Jupe is ready to melt that image out of audience’s minds and reintroduce himself as an actor who contains multitudes.

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New article and photoshoot in Interview Magazine + new ‘The Undoing’ still

Noah discusses movies he watched while quarantining ahead of filming ‘No Sudden Movie’ with Interview Magazine. You can read his thoughts at the link and see the accompanying photoshoot images in the gallery in HD. A new still from ‘The Undoing’ has also popped up and you can see that in the gallery as well.

At just 15 years old, Noah Jupe has been the recipient of a film education that most of us can’t touch. He’s dodged bloodthirsty space monsters in the blockbuster horror A Quiet Place (and it’s upcoming sequel), went head-to-head with Christian Bale in the racing drama Ford v Ferrari, and played a young version of Shia Labeouf in the meta biopic Honey Boy. But despite that stint in experiential film school, Jupe still had a major blindspot when it came to his chosen craft. Until just recently, his mother kept him away from some of cinema’s greatest works, on account of his age. “My mom’s always tried to keep me away because of the age-limit, but also because I have such a crazy imagination,” he says. “But recently she’s seen my love of movies grow dramatically, because I’m old enough now to understand all the different elements that go into a movie, so she’s taken off the restrictions.” So when Jupe, along with his mother, recently spent two weeks in a Detroit hotel room as he quarantined ahead of shooting Steven Soderbergh’s next film No Sudden Move, he used the opportunity to watch some of the best movies ever made, for the very first time. These are his instant reactions.